Who or what is


Pictured to the right are, by far, the four greatest teachers I was given. They are, from left to right, Jack & Virginia Booth (maternal grandparents) and Ann & Lew Sharp (paternal grandparents).

The Booth legacy is one of devotion and kindness sprinkled with just a little magic. Virginia, "Jenji," as I called her, would always say, "This, too, shall pass," whether "this" was a family crisis or a delectable piece of Papaw's apple pie. In teaching through example how to remain faithful and loyal, they also exemplified letting go and embracing freedom.

From the Sharps, I get more than my surname. Ann Sharp was the epitome of self-discipline and getting things done. When she was done with whatever was on her list, she found someone else who had things to do and she did what she could for that list. She was never sick a day in her life, which made the end of her life on earth very difficult for her and her family. I learned a great deal about death and dying from Mammaw. My Pappaw was nothing short of invincible. He will forever be the strongest man - in every aspect - that I know.

I bring the lessons learned from these four amazing people into my writing, speaking, and coaching. I'm doing my part to pass along their legacy.

So who or what is your greatest teacher? I'd love to hear your story. I may even feature it on my blog! Click the button below to share your story with me.