About A Sharp Plan

Dedicated Educator

Shelli Sharp is an accomplished Executive Secretary turned Virtual Assistant. She understands the importance of utilizing computers to navigate the modern-day world. She has a passion for adult education & training future secretaries & admin staff. 

First-Rate Course Offerings

Shelli embraces a learning environment that will prepare students to utilize computers and software to make life easier. The digital classroom makes it easy to promote skill development regardless of your location.

My Mission

My dream is to make life easier - whether that is assisting a stay-at-home parent with creating a monthly budget, showing an executive secretary how to be more efficient, or providing a person with marketable skills to utilize in the corporate arena.

The best plan is A Sharp Plan.

Course Catalog

Computer & Software Basics

Wednesdays, October 9th - 30th

4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

via Zoom Conference

2019 1009 Computer and Software Basics Flyer (png)